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Broadband Toolkit: Creating tribally-owned and operated broadband and wireless services.  High-speed broadband and wireless services to Indian Country


Creating Tribally-owned and operated broadband and wireless services.



Protect Your Right to High-Speed Broadband!


There are currently billions of dollars available for tribal entities to enhance broadband access.  Multiple government entities currently have funds available, including NITA, the Tribal Connectivity Program, the Department of Energy, Indian Affairs, the FCC, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Agriculture, among others.

We provide services to bring broadband and wireless services to Indian Country


The Mission of Tribal Communications is to champion Tribal sovereignty, self-determination, and economic independence by creating Tribally owned and operated broadband & wireless services. We accomplish this by delivering trusted world-class consulting services to Tribal nations, entities, and enterprises and creating solutions to the unique challenges Tribes face bringing high-speed broadband and wireless services to their communities.

Our Vision is to establish digitally connected Tribal communities with limitless opportunities that will strengthen economic sovereignty for all of Indian Country.

Tribal Communications is a division Tribal Solutions Group.  As you have heard, TSG specializes in providing a range of services to Tribal nations, entities, and enterprises that support Tribal efforts in healthcare, education, broadband expansion, and economic development by providing access to indispensable resources. Our team brings over 60+ years of working with and in service to Indian Country as elected leaders, business strategists, economic development leaders, educators, and workforce development advocates. We are headquartered in Jackson MS.  However, our team is located nationwide from Washington state to Philadelphia.

We can help you maximize the resources available to create a long-term solution for the delivery, maintenance, and operations of a high-speed telecom network on Tribal lands and selected areas adjacent to Tribal lands.

Our purpose is to give tribes control over the future of telecom technology and the resulting economic, educational, healthcare, and communication opportunities that are dependent on reliable delivery of high-speed broadband and other communication tools.

Broadband projects are generally substantial undertakings. TC will work in phases analyzing each part of a project - including funding, planning, deployment/construction, and operations - in order to arrive at a transparent, collaborative, and coordinated overall plan. This methodized workflow provides a clear explanation of deliverables and respective costs. Our team's advanced skillsets in securing funding, mapping and network design, network buildout, financial modeling, operations, and back-office management are complimentary in all phases.

We provide broadband planning and deployment
telecom and broadband
wireless connections; broadband; tribal lands

TC can help your tribe or organization develop a Broadband Strategic Plan (“BSP”) that includes detailed analysis and planning that can be leveraged in ongoing and future funding applications, network deployment, and feasibility analyses. The primary focus of the BSP is to provide a strategic pathway to improve communication capabilities and expand the broadband infrastructure for your tribe or organization. The BSP will help further the best interest of Tribal governments, their various communities, and people to support the improvement of communications and broadband capacity.

We believe that Broadband projects in Indian Country are one of the keys to Tribal Sovereignty and Economic Independence.


The value of broadband comes from how it is used. Investing in broadband and digital infrastructure should help your organization achieve three goals:


  1. Provide broadband to unserved or underserved areas.

  2. Ensure network sustainability, driven by cost-effective deployment, operations, and demand for higher-value services.

  3. Use broadband and digital infrastructure as a platform for economic growth and delivery of smart community services.

Many advisory groups are more focused on short-term opportunistic profits. Our mission and experiences are focused on the long-term benefits to Indian Country. Unlike others, we are committed to Tribal sovereignty and self-determination by supporting the building of Tribally owned infrastructure. The Tribal vision of access to reliable and fast broadband and wireless services is key to a Tribe's dedication to education, economic development, and innovative healthcare options – and is the foundation upon which we are built and how we execute our mission.

Our trusted and knowledgeable team is dedicated to Tribal sovereignty and self-determination by advising on how to build a robust high-speed broadband system that is owned and operated by Tribes. TC is owned by Natives with a mission to strengthen Tribal sovereignty, self-determination, and economic independence. Our dedication to Tribal sovereignty and self-determination is the clear unambiguous foundation of our inspiration and commitment. We hold sacred the trust that Tribes place in us and in our commitment to do right by them every step of the way.

As long-time advocates with a vested interest in the future of Indian Country, we believe experience, relationships, trust, and expertise matter. That is why we founded Tribal Communications -- because we know Tribal nations can open a world of economic and educational opportunities for Tribal citizens when they own and operate their broadband infrastructure.

What distinguishes Tribal Communications is our leadership team’s relationships and expertise to ensure Tribes have access to the most sustainable, cost-effective broadband solutions available.



Future Funding


Check out just some of our funding resources for getting your project financed.

Broadband Toolkit

The Tribal Community Broadband Kit will  allow tribes to establish their connectivity data and profiles.

Online Community

Check out current articles from the broadband community.


We offer a multitude of services to fit your needs. Check out some of our specialities and let us know if there's any other service you might need.


Operational Management Planning and Prepare Business Plans, payback periods/ROI models for infrastructure projects.



Help secure access to funding from State, Federal, and other entities to help subsidize buildout and operation costs.



Network Operation and Support Services. Provide Tier I-III support for network troubleshooting.



Provide training and education for local tribal members wanting to work in their communities or across the country with TC.



Provide consul for all telecom projects on tribal lands geared towards local, tribal communities.



Broker access to backhaul to support local networks. Access to group buying power for buildouts.

  • Access to professional engineers (PEs) for consultation and certification services for projects

  • Permitting and approvals

  • Access to experienced construction crews for both wireless and fiber projects

  • In the works – drone surveying for Telecommunications projects, geographical reasons, Oil/Gas, and Farming.


Why should your community create an ISP?

With broadband, there is no one size fits all solution, however, local ownership of the network should be a goal for most communities. The digital divide in our nation comes down to two main factors; economics and geographical scale. Rural and underserved communities are costly to serve and maintain for large ISPs which does not provide much incentive for them to cover those communities.


The solution to the digital divide in underserved communities is locally owned and served ISPs.

Our broadband toolkit


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