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Broadband Toolkit: Creating tribally-owned and operated broadband and wireless services.  High-speed broadband and wireless services to Indian Country


Creating Tribally-owned and operated broadband and wireless services.



Protect Your Right to High-Speed Broadband!

Our mission is to provide world-class consulting services to Tribal nations, entities, and enterprises to help solve the unique challenges of bringing high-speed broadband and wireless services to all of Indian Country.

We provide services to bring broadband and wireless services to Indian Country


Tribal Communications, LLC (TC) is a Native Owned consulting group with extensive experience evaluating and partnering with internet service providers (ISP).

TC supports Tribal commitments to self-determination by assisting in building Tribally-owned infrastructure. TC specializes in identifying government-sponsored financial programs geared towards infrastructure and broadband services, installing future-proof networks that can be easily maintained, and providing access to ISP partnership opportunities. TC creates custom broadband solutions based on related experience and industry best practices. In addition, TC will assist with helping to ensure an excellent customer experience for all Tribal members and surrounding communities subscribing to your broadband services.


The TC team has extensive technical expertise - from radio frequency engineering, broadband network design and implementation to operational management, central office transformations, network maintenance as well as training and workforce development. Our technical team has more than 100 years of combined experience in the evolving industry of telecommunications. The TC team represents know-how in multiple areas of broadband planning & deployment and is accustomed to leveraging new technologies to bring quality service to our clients. The common threads link our team’s varying backgrounds in the wide field of telecom experience in rural broadband deployments and our mission & vision for Indian Country.

We provide broadband planning and deployment
telecom and broadband
wireless connections; broadband; tribal lands

A partnership with TC is designed to result in Tribal ownership of an advanced telecom network, job opportunities for Tribal members, and a friendly advocate for the cultivation of opportunities derived from your advanced telecom network.

TC understands there is a need for a robust connectivity solution for all Tribal communities.


TC vision supports the need to develop a long-term, sustainable, and effective broadband infrastructure on Tribal lands. Access to reliable and fast broadband and wireless services is key to the Tribe's dedication to education, economic development, and innovative healthcare options.



We provide broadband funding

Future Funding


Check out just some of our funding resources for getting your project financed.

We provide a broadband toolkit

Broadband Toolkit

The Tribal Community Broadband Kit will  allow tribes to establish their connectivity data and profiles.

Connect to our broadband online community

Online Community

Check out current articles from the broadband community.


We offer a multitude of services to fit your needs. Check out some of our specialities and let us know if there's any other service you might need.

We provide operational management planning and busiess plans for infrastructur projects.


Operational Management Planning and Prepare Business Plans, payback periods/ROI models for infrastructure projects.

Secure funding from state, Federal andothr entities



Help secure access to funding from State, Federal, and other entities to help subsidize buildout and operation costs.

We provide Network operaton and suppor services.



Network Operation and Support Services. Provide Tier I-III support for network troubleshooting.

training and education for tribes and tribal mebes



Provide training and education for local tribal members wanting to work in their communities or across the country with TC.

We provide consul for all telecom projects on tribal lands



Provide consul for all telecom projects on tribal lands geared towards local, tribal communities.

Our group buying power



Broker access to backhaul to support local networks. Access to group buying power for buildouts.

wireless and fiber projects
  • Access to professional engineers (PEs) for consultation and certification services for projects

  • Permitting and approvals

  • Access to experienced construction crews for both wireless and fiber projects

  • In the works – drone surveying for Telecommunications projects, geographical reasons, Oil/Gas, and Farming.


Why should your community create an ISP?

With broadband, there is no one size fits all solution, however, local ownership of the network should be a goal for most communities. The digital divide in our nation comes down to two main factors; economics and geographical scale. Rural and underserved communities are costly to serve and maintain for large ISPs which does not provide much incentive for them to cover those communities.


The solution to the digital divide in underserved communities is locally owned and served ISPs.

Our broadband toolkit


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